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"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt



"hey beyoncé can you take this pic of us thanks"


Taelor, 21, Washington D.C
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damn gawd. #StayWoke


I rebuke this in the name of Jesus. This ankhery will not be accepted.

I don’t like entertaining this shit but its Thursday, I ain’t got shit to do so i’mma just throw my two cents in & educate your dumbass rather than yell at you. This is anti black, homophobic and misogynistic. 
how its anti black: it’s based off the ‘strong independent black woman’ stereotype, the word stereotype should finish off why it is racisthow it’s homophobic: this infers a queer person is not born queer, they turn queer because heterosexuality was not shoved far enough down their throats. Also reinforces harmful gender roles such as ‘men can’t wear pink, or makeup or tight clothing because then they’re gay and not a *real* man.’ how it’s misogynistic: this implies a black woman specifically needs a man, and should settle for anything, because any scum man is better than being alone with her womanhood, raising her son. This is also kind of giving pedophilliac vibes because that girl doesn’t even look 18 and IF that is true then this is also encouraging pedophilia because this is encouraging a young teen girl who might already been abused, to get with a grown ass man to take care of her and her child, so he won’t *turn gay*? Damn.. #StayWoke